I have a Samba server (which is the domain controller), and a Ubuntu 14.04 Client with a logged user who is authenticated by Kerberos (the client joined to domain with Likewise). The user want to access a network share with this command:

mount.cifs //DOMAIN/PATH /HOME/USER/PATH -o sec=krb5

But with (or without) 'sec' parameter, the mount command prompts for password. If I type my password, I can mount the share, but I want to mount without password.

How can I do it with my valid Kerberous ticket?

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If you are signing in with a windows domain user a Kerberos ticket is already requested. You can test it by executing klist.

To reuse this ticket you have to add user and cruid option to your mount order. This way you do not have to enter any credentials again.

sudo mount -t cifs -o user=$USER,cruid=$USER,sec=krb5 //domain/path /home/path

To mount the share with your user as owner (and thus with write permission) add the gid and uid options.

sudo mount -t cifs -o user=$USER,cruid=$USER,sec=krb5,gid=$GID,uid=$UID //domain/path /home/path

You get your $GID by running id -g $USER and your $UID by id -u $USER.

It may be that you have to apt-get install keyutils to get this working.


First, try -o vers=1. The kernel's SMB2 client has only very recently gained Kerberos support – in Ubuntu 14.04, only the 4.4.x kernel will have it.

Second, check if the request-key and cifs.upcall binaries are installed and that the latter is mentioned in /etc/request-key.conf (or /etc/request-key.d/):

create cifs.spnego * * /usr/bin/cifs.upcall %k

Finally, check the system log (/var/log/debug or journalctl -b) for messages from cifs.upcall, and make sure it is looking for your tickets in the correct place. It doesn't actually know which process is accessing the share and what $KRB5CCNAME it has, so it needs to guess a few common places.

In fact, if you run mount via sudo, the mounting process (running as uid 0) won't have any tickets by default; a separate sudo kinit may be required.

  • Now things are better, but it doesn't work yet. It prints: mount error(126): Requried key not found. But if I run klist, the command run successfully.
    – mbalint987
    May 30, 2016 at 15:14
  • "echo $KRB5CCNAME" command is prints nothing to console.
    – mbalint987
    May 30, 2016 at 15:40

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