I usually have one or two hosts (also Macs) in my finder side bar "Shared" section and often want to navigate to a folder in one of those hosts. I have the path bar on the bottom of the finder window turned on, but I can't tell from the path bar which host I'm looking at. So if I go to (server1) MyUserHomeDirectory/Documents , the path bar shows MyUserHomeDirectory > Documents . If I do the same but for server2, I'll see the exact same path in the path bar. I can't tell which remote host's path the path bar is referring to. Is there a way to have the path bar show the host? Maybe get the hosts' shared name in the sidebar to light up or something?

  • it's not really an answer but maybe a possible workaround for you too - when i am working with network files (files on servers) i don't use Finder i use Transmit which enables me to have both Local an Remote Location open next to each other at the same time inside the same window. there i can clearly tell on which server i am – konqui Jun 2 '16 at 6:26

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