I've had my Windows 7 64-bit Professional system drive fully encrypted with Diskcryptor, and now I'm trying to unencrypt it so that I can install several new operating systems. I used DiskCryptor to decrypt both C: and the boot partition by selecting those drives in the DC window and selecting Decrypt. The decryption went smoothly, and I can access the data on the pc.

The problem is the bootloader. When I boot the computer up, I am still greeted by "Enter password:" rather than the Windows animation. The funny thing is that if I simply hit ENTER rather than type a password, then Windows boots normally.

I've tried running the boot repair utility on my repair disk, but it failed to changed anything. It's not really a problem, as Windows still boots normally and I'll be ditching 7 soon anyway, but I would like to remove all remains of the encryption if possible. Does anyone know how I can restore the normal Windows boot process?


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The boot loader from Diskcryptor was not removed. To do that, start Diskcryptor, Go to 'Tools' - 'config bootloader' and click 'Remove loader'.

Reboot and loader will be gone.

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