I have a java application running in Websphere Application Server (WAS) on port 80 (using IBM HttP server, IHS). Now I need port 80 for other purposes on my external ip. I just setup port translation to redirect port 85 to port 80.

Now when I enter my: http://my_public_ip:85 I see the index page of IHS. But whenever I try to browse to http://my_public_ip:85/application_name I get the following error:

Not found The requested url ... on this server

IBM_HTTP_SERVER at my_public_ip port 85

from inside my network it works fine I can just enter: http://my_internal_network_ip/application_name and it works.

Should I add an application mapping and were/how do I do that?


Should I add a virtual host (in IHS or WAS)?

  • is application_name a dynamic app? can you try if http://my_public_ip:85/static/file/a.html works? – hkdtam Jun 8 '16 at 7:04
  • it's a java application, not html – davejal Jun 8 '16 at 9:41
  • i mean if you create a folder and an html file within and you can access it, probably your java application need other ports/firewall tweaks to make it serve publicly – hkdtam Jun 8 '16 at 9:56
  • ok, I will test it out later – davejal Jun 8 '16 at 10:28

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