Trying to copy an 11.3G file to a brand new 65G flash drive. Keep getting error message "the file is too large for the destination file system. It is a brand new flash drive formatted to fat32. On windows7. Any suggestions?? Thanks!


Right-click the flash drive icon, select Format, and format it as exFAT, which does not have the 4 GB limitation.

  • Note that formatting deletes all contents of the flash drive – xjcl May 28 '20 at 11:29

Between exFat and NTFS, exFat is the better choice for flash drives. The exFat file system was designed for that purpose, has much less overhead and performs fewer small writes than NTFS. Another advantage is that exFat is supported by both Windows and OSx, so an exFat formatted thumb drive can help the Windows and Mac folks to get along.

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