Is this possible with rsync?

Transfer everything from src:path/to/dir to dest:/path/to/other/dir and delete some of the source files in src:path/to/dir that match a pattern (or size limit) but keep all other files. I couldn't find a way to limit --remove-source-files with a regexp or size limit.

Update1 (clarification): I'd like all files in src:path/to/dir to be copied to dest:/path/to/other/dir. Once this is done, I'd like to have some files (those that match a regexp or size limit) in src:path/to/dir deleted but don't want to have anything deleted in dest:/path/to/other/dir.

Update2 (more clarification): Unfortunately, I can't simply rsync everything and then manually delete the files matching my regexp from src:. The files to be deleted are continuously created.

So let's say there are N files of the type I'd like to delete after the transfer in src: when rsync starts. By the time rsync finishes there will be N+M such files there. If I now delete them manually, I'll lose the M files that were created while rsync was running.

Hence I'd like to have a solution that guarantees that the only files deleted from src: are those known to be successfully copied over to dest:. I could fetch a file list from dest: after the rsync is complete, and compare that list of files with what I have in src:, and then do the removal manually. But I was wondering if rsync can do this by itself.

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Do you want to delete before the transfer or after? That is, should dest: have the deleted files?

I suspect that the easiest way is to do these as separate commands. Use find | xargs rm to delete the desired files (maybe adding an egrep to the pipe if the regex is complex) and rsync to do the copy. The order of execution will be determined by the answer to my question in the first paragraph.

  • I'd like to them deleted after the transfer, because I'd like to have the files on dest:
    – user28146
    Feb 13, 2010 at 16:02
  • The problem with "find | xargs rm" or some such is that the content of src: keeps growing, i.e. files are being created continuously. When I start the rsync let's say there are X files, by the time rsync finishes there are X+n files and only the first X files are copied. If I would manually delete files from src: at this point, the n files that were created while rsync was running would be lost on src: without being archived on dest:
    – user28146
    Feb 13, 2010 at 16:05
  • 1
    Look up the -mtime option to find. You can select for removal only those files that were modified before you started the rsync
    – mpez0
    Feb 14, 2010 at 1:34

Most likely the "proper" way to do what you want is via find with a function - this lets you do this in an "almost-atomic" way.

I also recommend using mtime - this prevents it from doing files that are still being written to - though there are likely other better ways to avoid that as well.

Also see https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/50692/executing-user-defined-function-in-a-find-exec-call for related ways to export functions. The example below is bash-specific:


rsync_rm() {
 rsync path/to/dir/$1 dest:/path/to/other/dir/.
 echo $1 | egrep $pattern > /dev/null && rm $1

export -f rsync_rm

find path/to/dir -mtime +1 -exec bash -c 'rsync_rm "$@"' bash {} +

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