I'm on Windows 7 and accidentally downloaded a virus. It's not that bad, but it gives alerts that Windows has crashed. Nothing still happens.

APPCRASH - Application: win32-DOS.exe.exe

That's the report, so I suggest that that file causes the problem. When I right-click it in Task Manager and click "File location", it takes me to folder (C:\Windows\System32\Win32-DOS) with two files: logs.dat and plugin.dat.

How can I delete this? I googled but didn't success in the only instructions I could found.

Any suggestions?


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Well, try using an antimalware program might get rid of it. Try the free version of Malwarebytes, for instance.

You also might be able to delete the Win32-DOS folder from within Windows or from a Linux LiveCD (Puppy Linux is small), but if it was me I'd want to scan around with an antimalware program and make pretty sure that it was all gone even if I tried to get rid of it that way.

  • Malwarebytes worked like a charm. Thank you very much! Feb 13, 2010 at 19:37

I've been using Hitman Pro to clean infected machines lately, it's really good for already-infected machines.

It scans in like 3-5 minutes, and uses 5 or 6 different AV engines to do it.

It's kind of a scan-for-free, pay-to-clean utility, but they currently give you a free 30 day cleaning trial. Which is plenty fair and useful when you're already infected. :)


Try booting into safe mode (Make sure to select the "Administrator" account, not your own - I believe it should be visible in safe mode), navigate there, and hit the delete key ;) You may also want to run some sort of antivirus while you're there.

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