How can I figure out who initiated a Skype group call?

I am getting various unwanted group calls, and the call logs simply says "Group call" and "Missed group call."

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    This sounds like a question for Skype customer service – Ouroborus Jun 9 '16 at 0:04
  • If you happen to be on / able to use Linux, the Linux version of Skype (basically a really outdated client) does show... then again not really a solution for everybody – ethanwu10 Jun 29 '16 at 22:14

This may not be the "best" way to find who initiated a group call, but it worked in my case when the "Missed group call" message came up on one of my eighteen-participant sessions today.

The Skype UI only displays the orange phone/arrow graphic, "Missed group call" text, and a time AM/PM further to the right.

However, if you copy the message (i.e. hover over message text, right-click, select "Copy Message"). Then paste into a text editor or text field (e.g. the existing "Type a message here" field just below the the missed-call message works too), it will display the original message as well as the originating account name.

Example - "Missed group call." John Smith, Today 2:22 PM

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