When adding a key using the cmd

Gpg2 –-homedir . –-gen-key

And Im getting the error

Can’t connect to the agent: Invalid value passed to IPC

This is something to do with the homedir parameter but I need it there as my keyring exists in that dir.


After finding several mailing list threads with no answer to this question, I finally got it working.

First: use absolute paths for the homedir. E.g. instead of --homedir=. use --homedir="$(pwd)"

If that alone doesn't fix it, manually launch gpg-agent passing the same homedir (kill any existing agents first)

gpg-agent --homedir="$(pwd)" --daemon
  • Manually starting gpg-agent like this answer describes illustrated the problem for me which was that the absolute path of the homedir was too long. The gpg-agent aborted with gpg-agent[3857]: socket name '/some/long/path is too long`. Changing to a shorter path fixed it and did not require manually restarting the agent. – starfry Jan 14 '17 at 23:23

Look in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf and ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf for a line with GPGHOME=

If you are looking to statically change the location of GPGHOME run as such: GPGHOME=$path_to_'.' // i.e. ~/gpgtweaks/ << being the . in your question

gpg2 --full-gen-key

In the event that you still fail to get an agent launch run:


that should force a agent restart also of use is ADDING use-agent in your ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf

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