I installed Vmware Workstation on Windows 10 on a partition named X:

I decided to get rid of that partition in order to increase the capacity of the C: drive but forgotten to manually uninstall VMware. When I merged the partitions I tried to re-install VMware, the installer told me that there is an existing VMware product (perhaps some informations were installed on the C: drive without my permission) that must be uninstalled:

vmware wizard setup

But if I click on "uninstall" it gave me this error: "the MSI '' failed. Invalid drive X:\"

I searched in the VMware troubleshooting site and followed the instructions, but it didn't worked. Please, someone help me. I need a solution that allows me to completely remove the old installation of vmware.

Thanks for anyone who helps

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If you install a program on windows and tell it to install to a specific drive then the following will happen:

  1. Some items will be installed to the path you choose *(e.g. X:\program files\vmware\workstation 10\"
  2. Some items will be installed to other locations. (Usually to C: or the drive which hosts the OS).
  3. Entries will be made in the registry.

If you just delete the whole drive X then files installed in point 1 are gone, but the registry still contains its information. The installer looks for those and sees an installed program. This is why it complains.

A registry cleaner might fix it (Make backups first!). If that does not work manually search the registry for entries related to the old installation.

NB1: My usually program for cleaning is cccleaner.
NB2: I do nto work for them, nor am I releated to ccleaner in any way.
NB3: Just because it works for me does not mean that it will work for you. Always makes backups before messing with the registry.
NB4: Many registry cleaners and 'optimisers' are a bad idea. Do not apply them without need (though in this case I think there is a need). Disclaimer1:

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