I'm running QEMU on Linux without GUI.

After running starting my custom kernel with QEMU, I can't kill and return to host by pressing Ctrl+C.

Is there any way to get back to host OS?


Ctrl-A X

For -nographic just enter:

Ctrl-A X

which means

  1. first press Ctrl + A (A is just key a, not the alt key),
  2. then release the keys,
  3. afterwards type X.


Tested in Ubuntu 17.10, QEMU 2.10.1.


To close a QEMU process in your shell:

ctrl+a, then x


Ok, found a solution.

  1. Opened new terminal session: ctrl+alt+f2
  2. Used ps to find PID of previous tty: ps -fu
  3. Killed previous tty: kill -HUP PID
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    This is a really inferior solution to the most upvoted answer here. I will not downvote the answer, since it was entered before the better solutions. – EFraim Aug 21 '18 at 8:05

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