What I want to do is print a command-help (viz. "ls --help") and grep the output for any specific word. Consider the following:

ls --help | grep 'F'

But what this does is just filter out the other useful help.

I am aware of -A, -B, -C options for grep, but I want a better solution.

Highlight console search output, while displaying entire command output

This link gives the basic usage of the command, but I want to have something like:

grep -E --color 'pattern' <<<SOME COMMAND HERE>>>

E.G: grep -E --color 'pattern' <ls --help>

Is it possible to do? Basically, grep the ls --help but also print the whole help doc.


I found the answer,

You can use Extended Grep like:

ls --help | egrep '<pattern>|'

Like- ls --help | egrep 'F|'

Notice the pipe at the end. Alternately, you can use grep -E

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