I use Android Studio 2.0.0. There's a new version 2.1.2 available. Every time I open Android Studio, I see a new update is available, and there is a option called update and restart.

When I click update and restart it downloads the update and automatically restart. But after restart I see the same message which I have done it couple of times but it remains same. Android studio simply doesn't update.

My OS: Ubuntu 16.04


Install android studio in your /home partition and then update it via update and restart. It will definitely work then.

I was facing the same issue from couple of months. My android studio was installed in opt directory and that's the reason it wasn't getting updated even after downloading the update patch.

I installed android studio in one of the directory under my /home partition and then put it on update, and voila... There it is, my updated latest Android Studio for me. :) Happy coding.

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