I want to get rid of the red marked spacing in the following demonstration:

Picture of problem without editing (original screenshot) enter image description here

Word is placing a small amount of spacing before a tab I place at the start of a line. While this may not be very noticeable on large paper sizes (e.g. A4), it is definitely noticeable on small ones like A6 as demonstrated below.

Demonstration of problem on A6 paper


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Instead of using a tab for making a signature line, I used a table:

Solution demo

This is how to do it:

  1. Create a 2x2 table.

    A 2x2 table.

  2. Select the whole table and select DesignBordersNo Border.

    How to select "No Border".

  3. Place your cursor in the upper left cell and select DesignBordersBottom Border.

    How to select "Bottom Border".

  4. Place the text you want to be displayed into the cell below.

  5. Select Layout → The dialog box launcher on Cell SizeOptions. Enter 0 into the Left spinner.

    Removing the left spacing in the table.

  6. Close all dialogs by pressing OK twice.

  7. You can now write below this table. To add spacing below the table, place your cursor in the paragraph after the table and select HomeLine and Paragraph SpacingAdd Space Before Paragraph.

    Adding spacing to a paragraph after a table

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