how to encrypt the username & password in putty.i used the below command: start putty.exe -load script -ssh ipaddress -l username -pw Password -m commands.txt

to access my device.

  • SSH is 'Secure shell'. It automatically encrypts and sends the password and username. There is no need for further encryption. – CodeIt Jun 13 '16 at 14:55

You can use Logging in with SSH private key in windows

In this link, they’re demonstrating how to load a private key into PuTTY. You’ll need two pieces of software to complete this task:

  1. PuTTY - Client to for managing SSH sessions

  2. PuTTYgen - Tool for managing and creating SSH key pairs

This way you no need to pass the password explicitly on the command line.

As an alternate method, if you install posh-git in your windows you could use ssh command from the powershell prompt with ssh config file pointing to the identity key. Refer Link

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