Specifically a Dell Latitude. I am not sure if there is something special I could do to make it work. It does not work for me to use it as a boot device currently, although a no-name DVD drive will.

I have seen things like this: Hacker Fixes MacBook Air SuperDrive to Work With Any Computer from 2008 where the person replaced a part. Is that still a problem with a 2015 Superdrive?

I have also seen that it is possible with drivers to use a Mac Superdrive on a PC. Does Apple MacBook Air Superdrive to work on any PC?

On the other hand there are stories like this: Apple USB Superdrive – A cautionary tale - at www.niftytechblog.com/2013/01/15/apple-usb-superdrive-a-cautionary-tale/


It is likely missing the required drivers and Windows can't recognize it without them. The instructions below can probably be modified to work with a native windows installation as well.


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