I have 100 .png files in a folder say test.png, example.png, etc.

I want to prepend them with New_ so that it will be renamed as New_test.png, New_example.png etc.

How can I do it in shell.


You didn't specify an operating system. This answer assumes Windows.

My first thought was a simple command such as

for %f in (*.png) do rename "%f" "New_%f"

But a file named a.png was first renamed to New_a.png and moved down the alphabetical order :-( The loop renamed this file a second time to New_New_a.png.

Therefore, this must be done in two steps:

dir /b *.png > png.txt
for /F %l in (png.txt) do rename "%l" "New_%l"
del png.txt

The first line creates a text file containing the names of all png files in the current directory. The second line parses each line of the file and renames the png's.

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