I am using Ditto for quite a while now and it is a great little clipboard manager. A while ago, I have managed to set one of the clips (a copy item in Ditto) as a "permanent" one. Meaning, when I open up the main console of Ditto in order to access all the copied items, this one will always appear first. I don't remember how I did that back then and now I want to do it for other items. Does anyone know how to do this? I haven't been able to find any documentation or help about this specific issue.

This is the icon that appears next to the permanent item:

enter image description here

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Answer: In Ditto, this is called a Sticky Clip. Sticky Clips always show at the top of the history list before any other clips.

To make a clip sticky:

  • Right-click > Clip Order > Make Top Sticky Clip
  • Right-click > Clip Order > Make Last Sticky Clip

To move a sticky clip up or down without making it the top or bottom sticky (these commands also work for non-sticky clips):

  • Right-click > Clip Order > Move Up
  • Right-click > Clip Order > Move Down

To remove the sticky setting:

  • Right-click > Clip Order > Remove Sticky Setting

To move a non-sticky clip to the top of the list of non-sticky clips (this command only works for non-sticky clips):

  • Right-click > Clip Order > Move To Top

Good question! The Ditto help and FAQ do not reflect the awesome things the developer and the community have done to improve the software. I hope this helps you. I love sticky clips. I use it as a poor woman's text expander, because the sticky clips correspond to the quick paste hot keys.


For anyone wondering how to keep a permanent clip, but NOT have it pinned on top of the other entries, what you can do is flag it with "Never Auto Delete":

enter image description here

In such way, it will be always available and never deleted if you have tons of newer clips.

You will still need to have to search for it (writing a part of it), but you won't clutter your window with sticky clips.

For me it is very useful e.g. for storing semi-frequent commands and code snippets, but I don't want them visible all the time.

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