I am interested to replace my BIOS on my Thinkpad x220, because I want to remove the white list for other wifi cards. At first I was thinking to use a modificated BIOS from one of these russian boards, but I don't trust them.

I found out, that it's possible to use coreboot/libreboot. I'm a little bit scared to do it, because I don't have tools to recover the original BOIS on the chip.

So what's the best way to install coreboot/libreboot on my x220?


According to the coreboot documentation for the x220, you need to open the x220 use an external SPI flasher to install coreboot.

Proceeds as follows:

Turn off your laptop, remove battery and AC adapter. Remove the keyboard. Lift the left side of the plating (see pictures above) Connect your external SPI flasher to the top SPI chip (pictured). It's a 8M chip. The chip is layout is as so:


Read the flash. Twice. Compare the files to be sure. Save a copy of it on external media.

So it seems you can't install coreboot without the tools needed to restore your BIOS.

So what's the best way to install coreboot/libreboot on my x220?

You'll have to buy (or borrow) the necessary SPI flasher.

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