I want to upgrade to Windows 10 but I don't want to decrypt my system partition because it takes 21 hours..

Is it possible to upgrade without decrypting?

  • NO, unless you are using some other backup image and later rsync the two images or the like. – linuxdev2013 Jul 9 '16 at 12:19

Is it possible to upgrade without decrypting?


If the system partition/drive is encrypted and you want to reinstall or upgrade Windows, you need to decrypt it first (select System > Permanently Decrypt System Partition/Drive).

Source VeraCrypt FAQ

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I and many others had success using Windows 10 media patcher for upgrading VeraCrypt-encrypted systems, you should try it.

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    This method worked for me - Windows 10 Home 1909 -> 2004. Read the README carefully, on first attempt I didn't add any setup options manually and it failed. Second attempt went flawlessly. – gronostaj Jun 10 at 20:29

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