I often receive diff files (*.diff) as attachments, as part of our team workflow, and need to view them. To do so, I double-click the attachment to open it in an external viewer program.

Outlook always prompts me to confirm whether I want to open these files. I do. However, the checkbox is disabled, so I cannot uncheck it.

Outlook prompt with disabled checkbox

Is there a way to disable these prompts for only the *.diff file type? I don't mind having it prompt me for other file types.

I looked through all the settings in Outlook but couldn't find a place to configure this.

Using MS Outlook 2013 / Windows 7.

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    Start outlook as administrátor then set it. – Misaz Jun 17 '16 at 20:14

Start outlook as administrator then set it.

Changing Always ask before opening this type of file requires write to registry that requires administrator privilege.

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