So I just got myself a Windows 10 PC.

I use the same keyboard/monitor to switch between them.

I also have a Chromebook that I use.

In OS X, the keyboard's Alt key is the Cmd key.

So sometimes to copy/paste, it's Alt+C / Alt+V on OS X and Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V on Windows. My hands are confused.

I'm trying to figure out if I should have the Ctrl key stay at the Ctrl key. (So I would have to make Ctrl into Cmd on OS X)

Or, should I change Alt to Ctrl on Windows 10?

P.S. Maybe the right solution is a KVM?


There is an application called Karabiner, formerly KeyRemap4MacBook, which allowed you to very easily customize your keyboard shortcuts. Many people used this in order to have Windows-style keyboard shortcuts.

OS X can also handle it, as another, less complex option. In System Preferences, under Keyboard, click Modifier Keys and you can easily swap Command to act as Control

An option for modifying your keyboard on Windows is SharpKeys. It follows a similar idea to Karabiner

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