I have to find some text inside zipped files. I am using Cygwin. Some zipped files are empty. Obviously I don't want to have 'noisy' information about those 'empty zip files' at all. E.g.

find . -iname '*.zip' -print -exec unzip -l {} \; |grep -i vbs

Where vbs is a string I'm searching for.

The problem is that it returns what I'm looking for but it also returns a lot of noise with lines like this:

warning [/z/XYZ/Backup/123/456/Backup Set 1/Backup Files 1/Backup files 2.zip]:  zipfile is empty

I don't want to see those lines with 'zipfile is empty'

I tried to pipe it with |grep -v 'zipfile is empty' but it still outputs those lines as well.

My question: how can I avoid printing those 'empty' lines and see only the lines I'm looking for; i.e., vbs?


Those additional lines are probably in the stderr stream. You could test by seeing if they redirect out to a separate file (e.g. command 2> error.txt)

Basically, run:

find . -iname '*.zip' -print -exec unzip -l {} \; 2> error.txt |grep -i vbs 

If this fixes your problem, you can replace error.txt with /dev/null (this may not work on all versions of cygwin)

  • Thanks for reply but redirecting to 2> did not make any difference i.e. file error.txt get created, it's empty and I still have printed a lot of 'empty' lines, Any other suggestion? Thanks – susik Jun 20 '16 at 13:40
  • - Jedi, thanks so much, Not it works perfect. The last one request: current implementation find . -iname '*.zip' -print -exec unzip -l {} \; 2> error.txt |grep -i vbs ... will match pattern in the file name. BUT in most cases I need to find file based on the content e.g. vbs is not a part of the file name but part of the file content. Could you help me i.e. enable to search based on file content. Thanks again and appreciate your help – susik Jun 21 '16 at 21:05

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