I want to sync my browser bookmarks all over my devices. Now Im thinking about security/privacy topics. There are a lot of articles out there which explains which browser using which method to sync your stuff. Mostly they are using an account from google (chrome) or firefox to identify yourself - sure.

This is a critical point since I'm wondering if the companies are still able to read my data (like having a master PW). Maybe their are well known decentralized solution out there like using a different server.

Maybe you would recommend to dont even use sync-services and instead using something like a custom start-page which holds my links for example.

EDIT My Question is: Is is my synchronized data secure (or can it be encrypted by government or mozilla) and is it possible to use other sync-providers (like hosting my own)

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    I'm sorry to ask, but what is the question :s ? Your post is written down like a diary entry about your thoughts – Dave Jun 21 '16 at 9:43
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  • as you told you want to synchronize bookmarks, why do you thinks those are confidential? How do you want to synchronize your customized web page if not through Google or similar? – Máté Juhász Jun 21 '16 at 9:49
  • The idea of hosting a webpage holding all my bookmarks was a idea to quit syncing services in the classic way. So everytime I need a bookmark, I have to route to mysuperprivatewebpage.org and using the links on it. – Marc M Jun 21 '16 at 9:53

Maybe that will help:

mozzila help forums If someone will intercept your login and pass to mozilla you are done;

If you want to sync settings (passwords), write a batch and periodically sync firefox .db file though Your eg. sFTP server; if You are sending data to Mozilla's servers consider it as plain text stored passwords

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