I've a file that looks like this:


I'm calling rsync with:

rsync --files-from="/cygdrive/d/myfiles.txt" "/cygdrive/d/path/to/" "user@remotehost:/cygdrive/c/new/path/for"

I want rsync to make dir structure like:


But it's failing with errors like:

rsync: change_dir "/cygdrive/c/new/path/for/cygdrive/d/path/to/my" failed: No such file or directory rsync: mkstmp "/cygdrive/c/new/path/for/cygdrive/d/path/to/my/file1.png.asdjfhsdj" failed: No such file or directory

How do I make rsync understand that /cygdrive/d/path/to/ is the part of the source path that is the "root" and that only subfolders/files of it should be replicated to the destination root to give a new path at the destination?


It seems the bit specified on the command line is the "source root" part and the line from the file is the "relative" part.

Hence I needed to strip /cygdrive/d/path/to/ out of all the lines in the file leaving just my/file1.png

Then when called with the command line from the question, rsync assembled the local file path using the cmd_line_source + file_line, and copied it to cmd_line_dest + file_line

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