I upgraded my Cygwin and I'm having a little trouble. As usual, an upgrade utterly breaks everything that is part of my standard workflow.

I figured out the Menu issue, however, my xterm no longer opens automagically and when I do open an xterm, all the settings that I had made: fg color, bg color, font size are no longer appearing.

I could use some insights so I can quickly get my workflow back and return to productive operations.

The other thing that seems to be broken, my SecureShell instance was automagically working with my remote linux X Apps, and now after the "upgrade" the X11 port forwarding fails.

Is there some configuration issue that I need to handle manually now?

Thank you.

  • If you are asking if someone has written a guide "how to upgrade your specific configuration along your specific upgrade path", then the answer is "the chances are very slim". If you're asking to write such a guide for you, it's asking too much. To troubleshoot your specific problems, you have given way too little information and shown no own effort. So for this particular question, I can really say nothing beyond what I said. – ivan_pozdeev Jun 23 '16 at 10:08

What's new and what changed in Cygwin has an extensive list of core changes for all releases.

Individual packages are maintained independently and generally strive to be close to upstream.


all the changes are reported on the Announce mailing list


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