Router Model
Buffalo WZR-1750DHP
Firmware Version
DD-WRT v3.0-r29968M std (06/17/16)
Kernel Version
Linux 4.4.13 #950 SMP 2016 armv7l

Disk Info

Block device, size 3.639 TiB (4000785104896 bytes)
Ext4 file system
UUID -Redacted- (DCE, v4)
Volume size 3.639 TiB (4000785104896 bytes, 976754176 blocks of 4 KiB)
/dev/sda1 mounted to /tmp/mnt/sda1

Everything works expected the small files. When transferring large files the routers RAM fills up and it crashes. After a bit of research I discovered the default for proftp writse to the location '/tmp/proftp/users/(user id)/' on a standard install. That location is a ramfs and thus writing to RAM.

Therefore I needed to setup a script to mount the disk or setup a symlink at that location of the external disk.

The hard drive is mounted to /dev/sda1 mounted to /tmp/mnt/sda1 according to the DD-WRT UI.

That means anything written to /tmp/mnt/sda1 should be written to disk.

  1. I've rm -f tmp/proftpd/users
  2. mkdir /tmp/mnt/sda1/user
  3. ln -s /tmp/mnt/sda1/users /tmp/proftpd

That way All proftp users are written to the HHD drive.

Yet when I transfer large file see the free RAM start to drop as if the files being written to RAM.

What am I missing?

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    Are you sure what you're seeing is not simply cache? – Julie Pelletier Jun 24 '16 at 23:38

What you're seeing is normal. The file data is kept in RAM just in case it's needed again. If more free RAM is needed, the cache will just be discarded.

  • It turns out you correct I was being overcautious in canceling the transfer. It takes 90% of the RAM during a normal transfer. During testing, I canceled the transfer early fearing that router would crash as it did initially. Everything works as expected now that its been reconfigured using symlink to the hard disk. – thinkgeek Jun 25 '16 at 3:12

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