I use FFmpeg library to crop a video in an Android project. User captured video with device camera.

  • 10-sec video original 640x480 = 200 KB

After crop by FFmpeg; why did the cropped file size is increase?:

  • 10-sec video cropped 640x417 = 1.4 MB (!!!)

I used this command:

-i video.mp4 -vf crop=640.0:417.10345:0:0 -threads 5 -preset ultrafast -strict -2 videocropped.mp4

Details Camera Device for Original Video Capture:

  • File Format: MP4
  • Video Codec: H263
  • Audio Codec: AMR-NB
  • Video Encoded Bitrate: 256000
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Video Dimensions: 640x480
  • You don't specify a target codecs at all...? – Daniel B Jun 27 '16 at 4:44

The -preset ultrafast means a lot less time is spent on compression. Since you're decompressing the file, cropping, then re-compressing it, you'll end up with a bigger file.

There's no easy way to get the "correct" way to process the file because your source video is already compressed. The process will require decompression -> crop -> recompression so you'll have to either spend time compressing it or deal with a bigger file.

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