Jedit is a great text editor, and I love that it is truly cross-platform. I usually use it on windows and just recently spent a long while working on some stuff on my linux box and noticed a large difference in performance. Switching between buffers, in particular, takes much longer than on windows.

I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 and latest version of Java from Sun, tried using -xms/x from 128M to 2048M and it only seems to impact the time it takes to load the program. I tried upgrading to the lastest jedit in the repos (4.3pre17) but that has not helped either. I disabled all plugins (I use projectview, buffertabs, and a few others) but this did not change anything.

I don't know if this is a jedit-specific problem or a java issue in general; jedit is the only program I run in that way (invoking java on a .jar, etc) Does anyone else run it and could recommend some tweaks to either to improve performance?


I'm using ... latest version of Java from Sun

Did you install from the Sun website, or from the Ubuntu repository (sun-java6-jre)?

If you installed from the repo, you might still be using the default Java version instead, which can be rather slow.

Run: sudo update-alternatives --config java

This will show you which versions are installed and which version is used by default.

If the Sun version is not selected, select it by doing:

sudo update-java-alternatives --set java-6-sun

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got the same problem with OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.6) (fedora-29.b16.fc11-i386) Okay it's Fedora :-) but changing the JDK to SUN Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_16-b01) everything runs fine.

Using SUN's jdk will speed up things



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Try going to "Utilities > Global Options > jEdit > Text Area" and disabling everything connected with anti aliasing. Usually that speeds it up a bit.

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    Of course those DirectDraw options only apply to running jEdit under Windows – basszero Aug 6 '09 at 12:16
  • Ugh, screwed up. That's what happens when you're in a hurry... Removed. – Kirill Strizhak Aug 7 '09 at 6:05

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