On Windows and Linux if I hit Alt-Tab it will bring forward the last active window of the application I was using.

If I try to do this on a Mac, Cmd+Tab brings forward all the windows of the application.

So if I have a PDF file on each side of the screen, or two Firefox windows, and I switch between the applications, I lose the application I had in the foreground.

Is there some way to disable this behavior and only bring forward the last active window of application instead of all of them?

  • My usage is remnant of my Windows/Linux usage: I use Spectacle to tile windows on the left-right side of the screen, and I'm trying to switch between active windows, instead of bringing forward all the windows in an application. – Bar Jun 29 '16 at 21:57

The simple answer is to simply click (with the mouse) on the single window you want. If you have multiple windows opened within a single app, minimizing the "other" windows (click on the red dot in the upper left of the window) until just the desired window is visible will solve your issue. The CMD + tab key combination will show visible tiles from an application.

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