Using Excel/Calc I have the following situation:

  • a range of cells containing values; assume it's A1:B10,
  • and a string I want to look for; for example, assume it is contained in C1.

Now what I want to do is count how many cells in the range equal that string or contain it as a sub-string.  How do I get that?  (For example, assume that I want the result in D1.)


I answer myself as I do this at least once a year and I feel the need of having a place to look for quickly when I forget something, plus I think this could be useful for someone else too.

So, ok, I know of two ways to do that:

  1. using conventional formula

    in D1 put =COUNTIF(A1:B10,"*"&C1&"*")

    Some notes (mostly) for newbies:

  2. using CSE/array formula

    D1 should be {=SUM(IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(C1,A1:B10)),1,0))}

    (more about Excel array formula)

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