A barracuda VPN client was installed in my windows 10 machine which was not working. I simply uninstalled the VPN and restarted my machine as required. Since the next boot my windows can't access internet through either wifi or Ethernet port. It can connect to the wifi hotspot though but always says "No internet". Same goes for ethernet port too.

I am sure that my wifi is working because I'm using my mobile to ask this question here that is using the same hotspot.

Please help. The only way left at this moment is to reinstall the OS which I'm trying to avoid.


Reinitialise the network states

Run the following commands in a cmd shell:

  • Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults:

    netsh winsock reset catalog
  • Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults:

    netsh int ip reset reset.log
  • Reset Firewall to installation defaults:

    netsh advfirewall reset
  • Flush DNS resolver cache :

    ipconfig /flushdns
  • Renew DNS client registration and refresh DHCP leases:

    ipconfig /registerdns
  • Flush routing table:

    route /f 

    (reboot required)

Further Reading

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  • Thanks for your help. I already found some of those steps you mentioned in microsoft forum and tried them. Even then I tried your steps in same order again (pastebin.com/5jLCSj9x). But no luck. I couldn't wait more so I reinstalled my system. However, the original problem is still a mystery to me. Will get back here again, if I come across the situation again or find any solution for this. Thanks again for you time. – Samiron Jul 2 '16 at 12:46

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