When saving a webpage with :w foo.html, vimperator also creates a directory foo_files, whose contents I find to be bloaty and uninteresting. How can I tell vimperator to behave like Firefox's file / save page as / web page html only, instead of file / save page as / web page complete?

(Its own documentation liberator://help/browsing#writing mentions no options.)

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    Not sure how to change that behaviour of :w, but there is a keyboard only solution which is i CTRL-S which pops a modal for saving the page via Firefox. – jamesc Oct 22 '16 at 17:39

A keyboard only workaround, which doesn't use Vimperator, is to pop Firefox's Save As modal and pick "web page only" as you mention.

Use: i <C-S>

Explanation: i sets Vimperator to ignore the next key press. Then <C-S> ( Ctrl+S) reaches Firefox and triggers "Save Page As" behaviour.

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