I have a Huawei LTE CPE e5172 4G router, the router have a little spot in the back for battery connection, so I went ahead and purchased a battery pack for it. The battery is charging, and there is even a battery indicator on the router web page ( When unplugged the router is still working, the network bars are on, but no internet connectivity (Ethernet or Wifi). I have tried to going through the properties and reading the manual, but no luck.

Can somebody provide additional information on this subject? How just to tell me how to turn on the Wifi when on battery?


The Aliexpress.com page for the battery says battery back-up for phone calls (which would use the TEL RJ-11).

Can't help but think 3.6V 1500 mah is a bit light for powering WiFi.

Looking a little harder you can refer to the Product Description (See PDF page 14 (Page 6)):


And that specifies the battery is only for the voice connection.

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