A certain website (Giant Food) won't load properly for me. Mainly, the images won't display and I can't view the circular--screenshot). Anyone know how I can troubleshoot this further?

Here are the troubleshooting steps I've already carried out:

  • Device - The issue exists on both of my computers (desktop running Win 10 x64, laptop running WIn 10 x86), and my phone (iOS 9).

  • Browsers - The issue exists on every browser (latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE), and in incognito mode (with extensions disabled). On my phone, the issue exists with both Safari and Chrome.

  • ISP - The issue exists with two different ISPs accessible from my devices.

  • Location - I am located in Thailand. Someone in the US checked the site for me and confirmed that there were no such issues on that end. The Thai government does indeed blocks some offensive websites. But it's always with a big WARNING page, never like this.

  • Company - I emailed the company about the issue, but it's been two days with no reply. I don't expect a reply.

Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this; please direct me to the proper one.

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Website images won't load

http://www.giantfood.com is horribly broken.

Use f12 (or equivalent) in your browser to display any errors.

enter image description here

All images from cdn.peapod.com (eg http://cdn.peapod.com/site/67/0/0/0/37adb76b-c1af-489e-866a-f04a1c51ab65.jpg are returning 403 forbidden.

If you try to open one of these images directly you will see:

enter image description here

You should inform the webmaster of giantfood.com. Unfortunately a whois for giantfood.com does not give any contact details.

  • Thanks for that. I actually came here to give an update. My update was going to say essentially what you said. I'll add that the Peapod page asked me to confirm that I wasn't a robot. I did so (by checking a box), and the image displayed. I then reloaded the Giant Food page and everything loaded without issue--images, circular, etc. I did email Giant Food with all this information. Given the 403 Forbidden, I thought I might have been personally blocked for some reason. But only blocking JPG images would have been odd. – cag8f Jul 2 '16 at 1:18
  • @cag8f I also tried that but it didn't work. I just keep getting a Captcha. In any case it's not something an end user should have to do. The website is broken and they need to work around this issue. – DavidPostill Jul 2 '16 at 9:00
  • No doubt. I'm glad someone else was able to see the issue. – cag8f Jul 2 '16 at 12:51

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