On Windows, if I just drag a srt file on to a playing video, the subtitles are displayed. On Linux, the dragging doesn't work. Now, mpv is my default player, so I just double click on the video file to play it. But I can't add subtitles. And I don't want to open my terminal everytime I play a video.

  • And so many people claim mpv is better than vlc?? – hopeseekr Oct 5 '20 at 16:23

According to the MPV help page's subtitle section:

You need to put sub-auto, and likely sub-paths in your mpv.conf file (see link for examples). I'm not aware of any support for "drag and drop" subtitles addition in MPV.

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    In mpv version 0.23.0 (Debian) drag and dropping a .srt file seems to work. – cYrus Sep 24 '17 at 18:31

I made a GUI so you can use it to make a MPV configuration file and play movies with subtitle using it (for GNU/Linux) :



I made a folder containing just the video file and the subtitle file and modified their names so that they are the same. I then played the video file on MPV and pressed v to show the subtitles. It worked!

BTW, I'm using MPV on Linux Mint 18.

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