I am trying to launch all jobs starting with a preset string as a pipeline in Jenkins 2.7. So far I managed to write this groovy code:

node {
    jobs = hudson.model.Hudson.instance.getAllItems(FreeStyleProject)
for (job in jobs) {
      // here was an "if" statement: if (job.getFullName() =~ /my regex/) {
      stage job.getFullName()
      build job: job.getFullName(), propagate: false

However on every launch I get java.io.NotSerializableException, and only one job matching (out of two at this time) is being executed.

What am I doing wrong? :(


Here is an example, how I would do that:

import hudson.model.*;

// get all jobs which exists    
jobs = Hudson.instance.getAllItems(FreeStyleProject);

// iterate through the jobs
for (j in jobs) {

  // define a pattern, which jobs I do not want to run
  def pattern = 'trunk';
  def m = j.getName() =~ pattern;

  // if pattern does not match, then run the job
  if (!m) {
    // first check, if job is buildable
    if (j instanceof BuildableItem) {
      // run that job

I commented my code, so this should help you.

  • Thank you, this way it actually triggers said jobs, however using obj.scheduleBuild(), build time and state is not returned to the pipeline view. It seems I need to use pipeline's build function, but it throws me an exception... – J. Doe Jul 11 '16 at 8:32

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