I've cleanly installed Windows 10 on the Surface Book and even installed the official drivers package for the Surface Book but when I go to enable Bitlocker, I receive this message: "'This device can’t use a Trusted Platform Module. Your administrator must select the 'Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM' option in the 'Require additional authentication at startup' policy for OS volumes."

I've checked the Device Manager and can't find anything resembling a TPM module. I've activated the TPM module in the UEFI settings.

Browsing the official drivers, I can't find a driver with a name indicating it is a TPM module.

How do I get my Surface Book to recognize the TPM module which I know was enabled when I first purchased it?


I was able to fix this in the UEFI by changing Secure Boot to allowing Microsoft and Certificates of Authority and by turning off the TPM module, booting, then rebooting into the UEFI once more and turning on the TPM followed be a second reboot.

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