I keep having my laptop bluescreen at random time that I can’t seem to correlate when it's happening.

At first I thought it was a hardware problem as it almost seemed to correlate with when I picked up my laptop, but it is definitely not just then, but it still almost seems to partially correlate with that. I am not sure.

Tried the drivers that I could think of and am starting to wonder if it is a RAM error (hoping not because I believe it is soldered to the mobo).

My laptop is a Samsung NP940X3G-s03US. 8GB of RAM, dual core i5. I have tried everything I could think of and everything I could find online.

A copy of the event logs and minidumps are located here.

Let me know if you need anything else of it I did anything wrong, let me know.

  • First: what does the BSoD state the issue is?? Research the hex error ID. Second:The easiest way to differentiate software vs. hardware issue: make a bootable USB flash stick, e.g. Windows PE (very limited ability) or Ubuntu Linux. If the laptop functions flawlessly then the issue is with the internal HDD or a software error. – DrMoishe Pippik Jul 17 '16 at 20:42
  • It might be helpful to know what the exact OS and version number you are using where this happens. – JakeGould Jul 17 '16 at 20:47
  • DrMoishe Pippik, I sadly did not write down what the errors were(it is different different times). It's not really an option to use a flashdrive as it runs for days without problems and then blue screens 6 times in one day. I have replaced the SSD with a different one and did a clean windows install. – Matthewtheswift Jul 17 '16 at 20:54
  • JakeGould: It is running windows 10. Beyond that, I am not sure how to tell. – Matthewtheswift Jul 17 '16 at 20:55
  • you need to share the dump files from C:\Windows\minidump – magicandre1981 Jul 18 '16 at 4:32

This is most likely a hardware error - and, unfortunately, it could very well be RAM. Download a Stress Testing Boot image and do a burn-in test - One such package is "stresslinux" (I've not used this particular variant though).

  • I ran memtest for around 12 hours with no errors so I am slightly confused. I tried the stresslinux but it doesn't seem to work with my laptop (maybe desktop only..? Or my display res). Hooked up an external monitor and it still didn't work. – Matthewtheswift Jul 19 '16 at 21:57

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