I was looking for saving custom data into movie file using ffmpeg mainly actual start frame, end frame, and other few information something like key:value pair, so later on I can fetch the details from movie file on the go.

I looked all over but couldn't figure out myself. Is there anyway to do that?


You don't mention which container format you want this facility for, since some don't allow custom tags.

FFmpeg's Matroska muxer allows random tags, so

ffmpeg -i input -c copy
       -metadata key1=value1
       -metadata:s:v key2=value2
       -metadata:s:a:0 key3=value3

The first metadata options set a global value, the 2nd is applied to all video streams, and the third to the 1st audio stream only.

Mediainfo and ffprobe can show these values.

  • Thanks @Mulvya, it worked like charm!! I have to push some data into .mov, .qt files for now, and looks like as you mentioned, its not adding any data into .mov files, I can clearly see my custom data in .mkv file though, is there any way to add this into .mov or .qt files? – Mahendra Jul 18 '16 at 14:07
  • Can we add multiple metadata tag (-metadata:s:v key2=value2) for video like how can I pass coma separated or I need to write multiple commands for same, is there any way to do this? stackoverflow.com/questions/54248390/… – Raghbendra Nayak Jan 18 at 5:58

got it.. after doing some digging on same line -metadata found this amazing post - http://jonhall.info/how_to/create_id3_tags_using_ffmpeg this will do any format I believe.

ffmpeg supports few tags which can be manipulated like title, comments, artists, album, track

ffmpeg32 -i out.mov-metadata publisher="Publishers Info" -metadata artist="my metadata" -metadata album="another data" -metadata TIT3="more data" out2.mov

this way I could able to add custom data into metadata, though TIT3 is for subtitles, we at work never use it, so I could able to hack through this attribute.

  • Please include at least a summary of that content here. Posts which contain merely a link and nothing else are likely to be deleted. – TRiG Jul 18 '16 at 14:41
  • That's only for MP3s or for formats that support ID3 tags. – Gyan Jul 18 '16 at 15:11
  • it supports .mov as well, I think by using existing attribute I could able to save custom data for formats like .mov and .qt – Mahendra Jul 18 '16 at 15:34

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