For windows 10 is there a method to combine context menu actions into one click. In particular, I'm after a method that will allow multiple anti-virus and anti-malware programs to scan a single file, with a single click. Because it's inconvenient to select each individual program to scan one file.

As always any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Although its not exactly what you asked for, I think I have an alternate solution for you.

VirusTotal is a subsidiary of Google and has an app that integrates into the Windows Explorer context menu. This will send a file (up to 5 at once) to be scanned by 54 different virus scanners and give you the results.

I find this program to be extremely useful when downloading a new application installer from an unknown source.


It is probable you can create a single context menu entry to combine multiple context menu actions. The problem lies with how each application handles the context menu action. You could figure out how each one works and then create a custom context menu entry.

However, I think I have a better solution. You can use AutoHotKey to execute multiple context menu actions in a script. I do not think it would be to difficult to create a script that opens the context menu and then triggers multiple context menu actions, or even use the arrow keys to cycle through the menu to execute context menu actions.

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  • Virustotal is an excellent website and is one of the context menu scanners I'd planned to integrate. – Jacob Woodruff Jul 19 '16 at 4:19
  • @JacobWoodruff I believe I do have a solution, if you feel you can write a simple script. I added the idea to my answer. An AHK script should do what you want. – Keltari Jul 19 '16 at 4:29

This is possible by writing a vbscript that invokes other context menu actions or verbs registered for the file type you're right-clicking on. The methods that can be used are InvokeVerb or DoIt

If you can post the exact menu options (caption) with the accelerator keys, a script can be written for that, which can be incorporated to the right-click menu.

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