How do I turn off email threading (Notes calls them "conversations") in Lotus Notes?

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In Lotus Notes 8.x client, you have to use:

File -> Application -> Properties Advanced (tab)

and then uncheck "Support Response Thread History"

  • That seems to be right, although it appears the administrator has disabled it :( Jul 23, 2009 at 13:01

In Lotus Notes client

File -> Database (mail database) -> Properties -> Advanced (tab)

un-check "Support Response Thread History"


In Mail Database

Click on "Show" button -> Individual Messages


IBM Notes 9: Social Edition

Turn off conversations

Actions -> Individual Messages (Alt + A + I)

Turn on conversations (mail grouping)

Actions -> Conversations (Alt + A + R, R, Enter)


This thread is quite old, but in case someone is still struggling to get rid of the thread box from the messages, here are the tasks to perform it:

  • Open the message
  • Select Display option in the message toolbar
  • Uncheck the Thread option

Keep in mind that I'm refering to the navigation steps for Notes 9 Basic version.

  1. Navigate to the folder where Notes is installed
  2. Locate and open Notes.ini
  3. Locate the line $VIEW_CONVERSATION_MODE=
  4. Set the value to 0
  5. Open Notes

Open Any of the mail >> Action >> clck on Show/Hide Thread

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