Real docker noob here, trying to get an ubuntu container that can be accessed via SSH.

I'm using an image using this dockerfile and building & running it with "docker build -t sshable ~/PATH/" and "docker run --name test -t sshable". I can ssh out to the host and a VM on it just fine as well as other containers running the same image. However, when I try to "ssh IP_ADDR" from the host where IP_ADDR is the IP address given as "inet addr" in eth0 for the container (when using ifconfig) it can't, saying "ssh: connect to host IP_ADDR port 22: Network is unreachable." I can also ping out from the containers, but not into them as it times out. Is the host not on the bridge network and if so how do I get it on?

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You need to expose the inbound port (22) to the container from the host to connect via ssh:

docker run -it -P 22:22 --name test sshable

There are easier and better way to gain access into a container though:

docker run -it --name test sshable /bin/bash

If the container is running you can connect to it via:

docker exec -it test /bin/bash

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