I found on your site instructions for using the windows command line to print a list of all files in folders/subfolders (dir/s/b>filelist.txt). This gets me very close to my goal but is just shy of reaching the finish line.

1 Main Folder / 50 Sub folders / Each sub folder contains 2-46 zip files / each zip file has 1 text file

I need to get a print out of all the text files that are in my zip files along with the modified date. Using the code I found I get the main folder/subfolder/zip file name - I just need that last piece; text file name/date in the zip. Any chance anyone has a magic trick to make that happen?

  1. Install 7zip.
  2. Open PowerShell. In Windows 10, you can open PowerShell as Admin via WinX, then A.
  3. Change into the directory: cd "C:\Program Files\7-Zip"
  4. Call the 7z binary using the l (lowercase L) argument: ./7z l C:\my_folder\myZipFile.zip > C:\my_folder\zip_contents.txt
  5. Open C:\my_folder\zip_contents.txt in a text editor such as Notepad++.

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