m::Send {Volume_Mute} is for the Master Volume... I need code only for mute/unmuting specific program...

IfWinExist ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1
m::Send {Volume_Mute} 

won't work...


Easiest way to mute a specific program with AHK is to download Nircmd, copy to the windows directory (it has a button when you run the exe) and adapt the following

WinGet, WinProcessName, ProcessName, A
run nircmd muteappvolume %WinProcessName% 2
  • Or, if you know the .exe name: Run, "Lib\nircmd.exe" muteappvolume "myprogram.exe" 2 to toggle mute/unmute – Epskampie Apr 28 at 11:15

You need #IfWinExist the # is very important - there is a big differences between IfWinExist with and without the # you can read more about it here https://autohotkey.com/docs/commands/_IfWinActive.htm

  • This may fix an error in the code that OP posted, however even with that code working, it won't actually do what the OP is trying to accomplish. – 3D1T0R May 17 '18 at 6:59

For this answer, I'm assuming that you're using Windows Vista or later, as I'm not currently aware of a solution for Windows XP or earlier.

I haven't had time to try this yet, but you should be able to do what you want (mute a single program without muting everything else) using the Vista Audio Control Functions, by Lexikos.

I'll edit my answer to include more details when I have a little more time.

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