In Notepad++, I want to remove everything up to (before) and including the fifth | character in a line, and keep everything after the fifth | character.

So, the original line would look like:

note,:264058|Feb 14 2009 new document|54012|0411|2016|new document|new medicine|book store|784512|Ontario|Canada|80023569

How would I get output:

new document|new medicine|book store|784512|Ontario|Canada|80023569


  1. open replace dialog in notepad++ (CTRL+H)
  2. for search mode select regular expression
  3. check the box "wrap around"
  4. in "find what" enter (^|\n)([^|]*\|){5}(.*) - see here for explanation
  5. in "replace to" enter \1\3
  6. press "replace all"
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