I am using Nox APP Player ( on Windows 7 to run Android Applications. Nox includes a Macro Recorder, I try to figure out how to export and import saved macros.


Macros are stored as simple text files at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Nox\record.
To locate the macro you want to export, open records in your favorite text editor, locate the section that contains the name of the macro you want to export.

If you want to export the macro named MACRONAME, search for the corresponding entry in the records file:

    "7d13533fc95a7aeb46c3d794d500612a": {
    "name": "MACRONAME",
    "new": "false",
    "playSet": {
        "accelerator": "1",
        "interval": "0",
        "mode": "0",
        "playSeconds": "0#0#0",
        "repeatTimes": "1"
    "time": "1578127486"

For this example, to export the macro, copy the file named 7d13533fc95a7aeb46c3d794d500612a and the related section from the file named records.

To import a macro, quit Nox, simply copy the macro file to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Nox\record. Open the records file and add the earlier saved section.

Start Nox, the added macro shows up in the Macro Recorder.

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