I have this Logitech G105 Keyboard and I would like to disable Dead Keys, and still keep the Keyboard's Layout.

I am using English (US, alternative international) since it matches my keyboard buttons.

The problem is that no matter what Layout I choose, I still have Dead Keys enabled.

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There are two keysyms for grave, grave and dead_grave, by default dead_grave is set to the ` key. xmodmap can be used to change it, and should be in Ubuntu by default (with arch install xorg-xmodmap).

To change it from the default dead_grave to grave, run:

xmodmap -e "keycode  49 = grave notsign grave notsign brokenbar notsign brokenbar notsign"

The rest of the values are various modifiers, e.g. the second one is shift.

If you want this to be permanent, create ~/.Xmodmap, and then add just:

keycode  49 = grave notsign grave notsign brokenbar notsign brokenbar notsign

If there are any other dead keys you're having trouble with, run:

xmodmap -pke | grep dead

And it should give you a list of dead keys. Alternatively you could run:

xmodmap -pke >> ~/.Xmodmap

You will then have a full list of keyboard keys and their sym values in .Xmodmap, which makes it easy to change your dead keys and any other keys to whatever custom layout you like.

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