What I seek is a shortcut key combination instead of right clicking a file and choosing 'Create shortcut' in Windows 10.

  • What is your operating system? Are you referring to creating a shortcut in Windows Explorer? Please edit your question and be more specific about what you want! – DavidPostill Jul 26 '16 at 22:14
  • @DavidPostill Yep. I'm referring to that. I'm sorry for not being specific in the first place. – kittenparry Jul 26 '16 at 22:17
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    If you don't mind a few keypresses: Use the menu key (or if your keyboard does not have it CTRL-SHIFT-F10, followed by w, w, right arrow, s to create a shortcut. This could be turned into an auto-it or vbscript to execute these keystrokes based on a global hotkey. If your keyboard has a macro recorder, it can also be used of course. The w, w, right arrow, s may be different if your OS language is not english. Look for the underlined letters. If there are more, you may have to press it more than once. – LPChip Jul 26 '16 at 22:25
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    My bad about the above. the above is for creating a new shortcut. Creating a shortcut to an existing file is CTRL-SHIFT-F10, s – LPChip Jul 26 '16 at 22:27
  • @LPChip in between alt gr and r-ctrl I have a details key that does the equivalent of CTRL-SHIFT-F10. It's kinda hard to press with s but F10 is also hard to press with CTRL-SHIFT. Thank you. – kittenparry Jul 26 '16 at 22:33

Is there a shortcut key combination to 'Create shortcut'?


  1. Select the file you wish to use to make the shortcut.

  2. Press the "Menu" or "Application" key enter image description here, then s.

    If you don't have a enter image description here key, then press ctrl+shift+f10 instead.

    enter image description here


  • In my case I have to press s twice, then enter. because of another entry in the menu with the same shortcut.

  • s may need to be replaced by another letter on non-English versions of Windows.

  • You could program the required keystrokes into a macro program, such as Auto-It, AutoHotkey, or even the keyboard itself (if you have a programmable keyboard) in order to make a "shorter" shortcut key combination.

  • In my case, enter isn't required. After clicking to "Menu" key and then 's', it creates the shortcut. Thank you for taking your time to present it. – kittenparry Jul 26 '16 at 22:43
  • @kittenparry Ah, that is because I have 2 s entries. Answer updated. – DavidPostill Jul 26 '16 at 22:47
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    +1 for taking the time to make an appropriate answer with images similar to what I already mentioned in the comments. :) You could add that this can be automated using a macro program such as auto-it, or if the keyboard itself has this, it can be used as well. – LPChip Jul 26 '16 at 22:56
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    @LPChip Thanks, I didn't even see your comments until after I had finished the answer. It took me some time to find a picture of the Menu key and then to write the rest of the answer - with the fiddly key formating :) I will add a note about AutoHotKey. – DavidPostill Jul 26 '16 at 22:58

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