I don't have any "sync" configuration in my Vagrantfile at all, and yet the folder that is syncing to /vagrant is not the project directory, but my home directory.

This is on a Windows computer working via MobaXterm.

With slight editing for privacy, the paths involved look like:

$ pwd
$ echo ~
$ vagrant up
==> host001: Mounting shared folders...
    host001: /vagrant => C:/Users/myname

If I go through Windows Explorer, the path corresponding to /home/mobaxterm (i.e. ~) is:


How can I make Vagrant sync C:/Users/myname/Documents/MobaXterm/home/vagrant_files/my_project to /vagrant rather than syncing C:/Users/myname?

Also, is there a documented bug in either Vagrant or MobaXterm that is causing this behavior?


Perhaps not the most elegant fix, but have you tried modifying the Vagrantfile?

vm.synced_folder "C:/Users/myname/Documents/MobaXterm/home/vagrant_files/my_project" "/vagrant"

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